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Singaplural2 min read

22 August 2007 2 min read


Singaplural2 min read

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SINGAPLURAL is a series of seven film screenings over the semester that brings together past and present final-year projects of NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

Singaplural Flyer

Through this selection of films, we explore Singapore through various perspectives in the hope that it will give us a clearer and more coherent view of what this island means to us.

In each session, we set out to explore a theme through two films. This is followed by a question-and-answer session with the directors and producers of the films and further discussion may be taken online to this site as well.

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, do contact us at Visit regularly for the latest updates on details about when and where the sessions will be held.

August 2007
23rd August: Singapore Culture?

We examine the cultural product of our Singaporean way of life
– Singapore Standard Time (2006) (26min)
– Love in the Making (2005) (24mins)

30th August: Singaporean?

We explore what it means to be Singaporean
– Radio Station Forgot to Play My Favourite Song (2003) (23mins)
– In a Spo[r]t (2007) (16mins)

September 2007
13th September: Sin City (TBC)

We ask if Singapore is really such a “clean” city
– Waking Up (2005) (37 mins)
– The Last Flight of the Red Butterflies (2003) (24mins)

20th September: Singapore’s Others (TBC)

We seek out the “unwelcome” people in Singapore
– Adam in Heels (2004) (19mins)
– Going Glocal (2007) (24mins)

October 2007
4th October: Love the Singapore Way (TBC)

Romance in Singapore
– September (2006) (29mins)
– Clean (2006) (19mins)

11th October: Haunting Singapore (TBC)

Spooking ourselves out — Singapore style
– Grey (2004) (30mins)
– A Suicide Symphony (2007) (23mins)

25th October: Singapore 201X (TBC)

Projecting the future of Singapore
– Merry Morticians (2006) (30mins)
– Inspector X and The Eternal City (2006) (30mins)

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