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Talking Sinema – presentations by film people for film people2 min read

31 July 2007 2 min read


Talking Sinema – presentations by film people for film people2 min read

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In line with’s mantra in giving a greater voice to all Singapore filmmakers to showcase their works and giving Singapore film lovers an opportunity to get in-depth with filmmakers of yesterday and tomorrow, we are proud to present talking sinema a series of presentations by film people for film people.

talking sinema is targeted at anyone interested in hearing from the industry about the challenges and possibilities of making films in Singapore today from High Definition to our mobile phones.

The first talking sinema, held on 30 July 2007, was in collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic’s Moving Visual Programme featuring speakers: Indie filmmaker Jacen Tan, Telecine Colourist Viji, Art Director Felix Ng from SILNT, Nicholas Chee and Randy Ang from Originasian Pictures and founders of

BEING INDIE — Producing your first film and getting it seen
Speaker JACEN TAN has fast gained a huge following since his first short film ‘Tak Giu’ (Kick Ball) which was telecast online on his website with over 100,000 views and has made playing football possible in many areas of Singapore. Jacen has also made his Digital Film Fiesta winning piece ‘Zo Peng’ (Go Army) and his latest ‘Zo Gang’ (Go Work).

COLOURING YOUR WORLD — What it takes to create the mood of your film
Speaker VIJI is one of the most sought after Colourist in Singapore and the region. Having had over 13 years of experience with films and television under his banner. Currently with Infinite Frameworks, the premier post production in the region, Viji has worked on countless made-in-Singapore films with directors from Eric Khoo to Jack Neo to Royston Tan.

GOING ALTERNATIVE —Other ways films can work
Speaker FELIX NG is an art director and founder of SILNT, a design studio started in 2005. Felix won the top award at the NOKIA Handheld Cinema held during ResFEST|10 in 2006. Having been commissioned by a diverse range of clients, Felix’s portfolio of projects includes the recent website for fashion designer. Baylene’s Spring-Summer 07/08 collection, identity design for Nadya Hutagalung’s jewellery label, Osel, broadcast design for Republic of Singapore Air Force. Felix is the curator for the Dual City Sessions: Null. The event will see 15 Singapore artists

Speaker SINEMA.SG – co-founders of Originasian Pictures and, Nicholas Chee and Randy Ang made their first feature film ‘Becoming Royston’ and has been at the forefront advocating new ways for films to be made, seen and reported. Nicholas is an award-winning photographer by training from Temasek Polytechnic, currently doing his Masters at London College of Communication. Randy, an award-winning Creative Director, also a Temasek alumni.

To find out more about talking sinema, email us at

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  1. Mathias Ortmann

    Honestly, I think this great and I admire the boldness in the undertaking. Maybe it is a mentality thing, but over here (Germany/Europe i.e.) people are always over-protective of their most precious (and most valuable) ideas and their knowledge, won't share. And that when it's mostly for failed communication that projects keep crashing... To me independent filmmaking is short for “inter"-dependent filmmaking: it takes an engaging community to clear a way forward, particularly in “green” environs. So keep on talking sinema. And while you're at it, don't forget about the doing part either. Support!

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