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Go Green – Play Our Part2 min read

7 July 2007 2 min read


Go Green – Play Our Part2 min read

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Typically writes, rants and review all things about Singapore Cinema. As the world we know faces the climate crisis, something we feel strongly about, we are making this post.

Live EarthThere are many little things as individuals (and creative individuals) that we can all do and some of these solutions are foundĀ here. As filmmakers, there are many roles we can play and it doesn’t take a global event like this one to make us take steps.

Here are some suggestions to consider when we engage on our next productions:

  • A BRIGHT IDEA – Consider using energy saving lights in your next shoot. Turn them off when not in use. For the engineering guys creating our kinos and other film lights, find out ways we can reduce consumption – we can save on fuel for the generators we use as well.
  • REFILL THEM BOTTLES – We typical drink a lot of water during shoots in our hot climate here. 1.5 million tons of plastic are used to make bottles every year, consider reusing the bottles, the water from our taps are very safe.
  • DOUBLE DOWN – Paper represents more than 70% of office waste. When printing our scripts and office documents do it on both sides of the page and use non-confidential docs as notepads. Recycle after.
  • REDUCE OUR WASTE – This one is a difficult one as typical we generate a lot of waste during productions. Being creative as we are, figure out how we can reuse our props, our sets and even the food packaging.
  • GREEN TAKEAWAYS – During breaks, find ways that we can pack our lunches that uses no plastic or Styrofoams: the Gu-nee Gong (condensed milk cans) to pack our coffees has been serving us well.
  • MASS TRANSPORT- Carpool to locations, find ways that we move people more efficiently.
  • SHOW & TELL – Video sharing websites receive millions of hits a day throughout the world; make a video and inspire a global audience with your message.

Also, if you like you can watch Live Earth short films at

It is not meaningful to create meaningful works if our audiences are no longer around to view them.

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