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Interview: Mike Wiluan, Executive Producer of ‘Sing to the Dawn’3 min read

22 June 2007 2 min read


Interview: Mike Wiluan, Executive Producer of ‘Sing to the Dawn’3 min read

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“Sing to the Dawn”, the first animated feature from Infinite Frameworks will sing come June 2008. A co-production between Infinite Frameworks, the Media Development Authority and MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, it has been in the works since 2003 but delayed until now.

Infinite Frameworks (or affectionately known as IFW) has been at the helm of post-production in the region for their works on countless award-winning television commercials and productions and has been the port of call for any filmmakers here.

We spoke to Mike Wiluan, the executive producer of “Sing to the Dawn” sometime back last year about the project – the belief in the project as well as in the people who are working in their Batam studio, the philosophy about “small movies making a very big impression”, being South East Asian and the sheer passion for creating something new. Just as the lead character Dawan finds her way to realise her dream, this is really about people making a dream come true.

It is a great story, simply put. Most of us are no stranger to Minfong Ho’s award-winning novel
(get the book!) and perhaps its stage adaptation. But given the almost nil animations coming from our shores, one cannot help but feel concerned about the project.

No doubt the questions that will be raised as we get nearer would be: Why the price tag? Many of course not realising that this is going to be a full blown “CG” animation that (since we are going to be comparing) is costing a fraction of others in the world out there. And then the: No famous actor for the voice? Even Fann Wong and JJ Lin lent their voices before? That really turned out great for their projects.

We love the movies because we just love watching them. We remember the movies we love because we love the story (this is going to get me some reactions). Of course, we have our casual indulgence in gore and horror and high octane action, we love it for the moments that we were transported away, but seriously what happens after? Movies can draw out more in us than just entertain us.

One more thought: Do we not realise that of late there is very little content for the important age group between 10 to 16. The crucial years of our lives when we are trying to find our way? Cartoons, animations and programmes are either for the younger age group of 6 to 9 or for 18 years to adults. No growing-up person would want to be caught dead watching Barney & Friends and would be dead if caught watching Drawn Together. Movies and films are the mediums of change. What change then are we offering? This offering is going to be one for everyone.
Still a year to go before we finally get to see “Sing to the Dawn”, some articles are up and about if you wish to do a search. We will try our best to bring in news about the production as we move along.

On a personal note to IFW team, keep the dream alive!

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