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Panasonic-MDA Digital Film Fiesta finalists1 min read

5 April 2007 < 1 min read


Panasonic-MDA Digital Film Fiesta finalists1 min read

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See the 11 short films that were finalists in the recent Panasonic-MDA Digital Film Fiesta:

  • Happy Birthday, Ah Ma, Christine Oer — Albert is obliged to visit his grandmother to send her presents on her birthdays, yet they do not have a common language.
  • Bob, Daryll Woon — A man living underwater is trying to come to terms with his existence.
  • Flat Dreams, Eva Tang — 3 mini shorts, about Singapore public housing dwellers who try to make sense of their worth in their mundane lives.
  • Reflections of Insanity, Ezzam Rahman — A mixture of horror and comedy, in which Jet and Kid bring home an antique mirror, unaware that a spirit has been trapped in for more than 20 years.
  • Make Believe, Oon Jit Fong — A couple play a flirtatious game where they pretend to be strangers.
  • Sweet Pine Grove, Lawrence Ong — Three men converge and meet in a taxi, and a business opportunity arises.
  • Crossroads, Lionel Chok — That transitional moment between starting your day/ending your night or ending your day/starting your night.
  • The Mole, Victric Thng — A whimsical tale about longing and pining.
  • Flicker, Wesley Leon Aroozoo — A young man’s desperate plight to make ends meet since his parents passing away.
  • Blood Ties, Chai Yee Wei — Does the sister of a murder victim, and sole witness to the crime, have anything to do with the deaths of the murderers?
  • Superdong, Pok Yue Weng — What happens to toilet graffiti when we’re not looking?
  1. yumei

    Hey, Kelly. Sorry about the mistake! It was an admin error on our part in posting the events info.

  2. Kelly Lim

    Aiya, I was trying to purchase tickets for the Panasonic-MDA digital film fiesta. Surprisingly the person in charge at The Arts House informed me that there is no such screening in May 11th or 12th. Luckily I did not book tickets online. Hey, please get the information right! What a disappointment...

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