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Cages picked up by Hallmark1 min read

30 March 2007 < 1 min read


Cages picked up by Hallmark1 min read

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Independent made-in-Singapore film Cages has become the first film in Asia to have its TV rights purchased by the Hallmark Channel. This means that it will be broadcast to an audience of approximately 20 million viewers in 24 Asian countries — a great chance for a Singapore film, and images of Singapore, to be seen by a wider audience!

Cages banner

Cages is now playing at Golden Village cinemas and it’s well worth watching on the big screen before it joins Hallmark’s line-up. The lush cinematography and expansive views of Singapore — a version of Singapore that I’ll wager most people haven’t observed before — are much more suited to the big screen. See it while you can!

Watch the trailer here.


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  1. Connie Kidwell

    I can hardly wait to see Cages. Graham is a relative. When will it be on TV? Connie

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