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2nd Digital Film Fiesta Awards Ceremony1 min read

23 March 2007 < 1 min read


2nd Digital Film Fiesta Awards Ceremony1 min read

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Now into its second year, the Panasonic-MDA Digital Film Fiesta celebrates the newly crowned winners in the definite High-Definition Short Films and National Scriptwriting Competition. The event was held at the National Museum Gallery Theatre which has, since its inception, fast become the heart of Singapore film and film heritage.

This year, the theme of Free Your Ideas saw both new and slightly seasoned filmmakers attempting to tell their stories with renewed conviction, while shooting on the indie fave AG-HVX202. No two stories are alike, no two treatments and approachs are the same. This year’s HD short film competition has its humour (Superdong), its horror (Blood Ties), its nostalgia (Happy Birthday, Ah Ma) and its very own “bedtime” story (The Mole). No longer are we plagued by the usual gloom and doom tales of the early independent shorts.

Perhaps, the independent scene is fast maturing and the quality of work has improved leaps with improved and accessible technologies. Perhaps there is renewed hope and talent in the independent cinema scene.

All eleven finalist can be seen on the official site, leaving you, the Sinema audience, to judge the works for yourselves. Here are the winners:

National Scriptwriting Competition (Feature Film Category)
Thursday Night
Scriptwriter: Ngin Chiang Meng

Scriptwriter: Cheng Ding An

Scriptwriter: Muhd Yazid bin Muhd So’od

HD Short Film Competition National Scriptwriting Competition (Television Drama Category)Gold:
All About Charlie Wong
Scriptwriter: Mohd Raihan bin Abdul HalimSliver:
Zero Calling
Scriptwriter: Lee Thean-jeen

The Pet Hotel Boys
Scriptwriter: Ngin Chiang Meng

HD Short Film Competition

The Mole
Director: Victric Thng

Director: Pok Yue Weng

Blood Ties
Chai Yee Wei

Audience’s Choice:
Director: Lionel Chok
All HD Short films can be seen here.

  1. Carol Chan

    What a low class remark Mark - for someone who's got nothing to show at all! Geesh!

  2. Steven Chew

    The toilet film so stupid also can win then unbelievable. Wa Lao dont even know what is that!

  3. marklaw

    The Mole director is that Victric Thng right? Not what Cheng Ding An ya? Lionel Chok gets Audience Choice is so unbelievable. Feels kelong and like an inside set up lor . . .

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