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Sarjan Hassan (Sergeant Hassan) @ Reflections @ Bukit Chandu1 min read

7 February 2007 < 1 min read


Sarjan Hassan (Sergeant Hassan) @ Reflections @ Bukit Chandu1 min read

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Seen a P. Ramlee film lately (or ever)? It’s not exactly the stuff you’ll find regularly on the Arts Central line-up, what more the opportunity to see it on the big screen. So come down to Bukit Chandu this Saturday, February 10, as the National Archives of Singapore and Asian Film Archive bring Sarjan Hassan (Sergeant Hassan) to a special outdoor screening.

This 1955 film is set in Malaya during the Japanese Occupation. It traces the life of Hassan, who joins the Malay Infantry Regiment and becomes a hero to his people. P. Ramlee plays the titular character, and also co-directed the film with early Filipino master Lamberto Avallena.

The film screening is free and starts at 6 pm. Transport is provided from Harbourfront MRT to Reflections @ Bukit Chandu (31K Pepys Road).

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