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Canon DV Festival 2006 Open Category2 min read

22 November 2006 2 min read


Canon DV Festival 2006 Open Category2 min read

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This is the last in a series of 4 reviews of the shortlisted films in the Canon DV Festival 2006. Read the previous reviews: Professional Category, Secondary School Category and Media Student Category.

Canon DV Fest 2006With my eyes weary and blurry from viewing tiny films in tiny windows, this report of the Open category concludes my review of the Canon DV Festival 2006 short film competition. I got a bit of a respite for my eyes because 3 of the 5 films in this category were unviewable on the website — but c’mon, Canon! This is a voting website. We can’t give all the films the fair shot they deserve if the film can’t be watched.

That said, here’s what I managed to see.

Tan Siang Yu

Quite literally, a short film. This could easily be my favourite film in the whole competition. Hilarious, touching and well-scripted, this film comes together in a quality package that is rarely seen in the Singapore media. And that’s saying a whole lot. Ong Jian Liang is one talented kid and Tan Siang Yu’s a talent to look out for. Watch this one, guys.

Burial Ground
Chng Si Wei

Don’t read the synopsis before you begin watching this one. It’s a little confusing while you’re trying to fit plot with synopsis and it’s best if you just watch the film and try to figure things out without worrying about fitting it into the “plot” of the film. The filmmaker does a pretty impressive job of building up the characters as well as weaving in the intricacies of a relationship within a short 13-minute duration. The actors have great chemistry together. It gets a little heavy toward the end with a little bit of melodrama, but this is actually a nice film.

Sim Si Ying, Mike Lim, Au Chun Boon, Derek Tan

A Kid’s Story
Wong Chern Hou, Wayne

The Little Things
Bernard Siew

I couldn’t review the remaining 3 films because they couldn’t be viewed on the website. If anyone, anyone at all, has any luck, please drop us a message. Otherwise, it looks like the Open category’s only got 2 contenders …

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Watch and vote for your favourite short films in the Canon DV Festival 2006 by November 23, and you could win a Canon Powershot A430!

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  1. Nicholas Chee

    Nope I can't see it too. I would have loved for the films to be at least 480px wide and in quicktime/divx, makes the experience more enjoyable.

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