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RESFEST 10: Afterword1 min read

13 November 2006 2 min read


RESFEST 10: Afterword1 min read

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I arrived too early at Velvet Underground last night to find the near-equivalent of watching paint dry on the TV screens as contestants in the Icon Chef Design Competition tapped and clicked away on their laptops. Good thing there were drinks, courtesy of Smirnoff and Tiger, to lubricate the evening.

RESFEST10And so the winner of the first RESFEST Adobe Audience Choice Awards is Momorobo for their video of Futon’s Strap It On. Maybe it’s just me, but I keep thinking of a Peach Robot every time I hear that name. But it’s not inappropriate given the strong Japanese influence in the video, as Momorobo drew upon mythologies across different cultures to portray the various gods and deities.

The organisers also announced the winners of the Nokia Handheld Cinema competition, in which filmmakers had to use a video-equipped mobile phone to tell a story about “the unexplained, the inexplicable and the downright unbelievable.”

While second place went to Uncalled, an atmospheric piece about the suicide of a Filipino maid, it was SILNT‘s Question Mark was the worthy winner. Questions, ranging from the mundane (“Where’s my pencil?”) to the metaphysical (“What are we waiting for?” to the self-referential (“Why are you here watching this?”), flashed across the screen, framed by black and white images and a haunting soundtrack. Finally: “Does every question have an answer?”

These pieces demonstrated without a doubt that the technological barriers to filmmaking are lower than before. As long as you have an idea or a story, it is now much easier to bring it into fruition.

What it does mean though is that good ideas will be more important than ever.

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