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Trailer: ‘1942’1 min read

8 October 2006 < 1 min read


Trailer: ‘1942’1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Directed by Kelvin Tong.
Released in 2002.

About this film:

On the 60th anniversary of World War II, Boku Films presents 1942, a suspenseful horror movie set against an unforgettable war. The year is 1942. The setting – Malaya.

Five Japanese soldiers, one of them seriously wounded, are lost in the jungle as the Japanese Army marches south. A female ghost singing an eerie song starts haunting them. Survival is at stake. And the ghost is hot on their heels. Will the five soldiers make it to safety?

  1. Anonymous

    one of the worst ending ever. was it a horror movie? or now sci-fi? should just stick with the horror genre. this is bad. real bad. and when you see the "lady" being ushered back by her son, you know something bad this way comes......

  2. Anonymous

    I don't really understand the ending? Can anyone tell me?

  3. Marcus Wong

    I think if the story goes like this, they were trapped in the jungle then comes out to find that they have travel through time and are in modern-day Malaysia.See how great it would be.

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