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Kelvin Tong’s new film, “Dance Dance Dragon”: More than just a comedy

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“It’s a Great Great World” was both a blessing and a curse for its director, veteran film-maker Kelvin Tong. The film is the maiden collaboration between MediaCorp Raintree Pictures and Tong’s own Boku Films.

It drew positive reviews and grossed about S$2.5 million, making it the most successful Singapore film so far this year. But that also made it a very tough act to follow. 
“After ‘It’s a Great Great World’, we were sort of stumped about what to do next. This is the problem you face when you do something so big for your first collaboration,” said Tong with a chuckle.

He explained that he and his team spent months brainstorming and came up with various ideas for a new film, but nothing stuck until they found out from film exhibitors that there was a window during the Lunar New Year period next year.

Then things started to fall into place.

“We sort of realized that what made ‘It’s a Great Great World’ great was not so much the epic size of it but rather it spoke very directly to a lot of audiences.

“We decided to do something very direct and very simple,” said Tong.

That “something” is the upcoming comedy “Dance Dance Dragon”, written by Tong with the help of veteran radio presenter Marcus Chin.

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