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Two live-action Snow White films to be released next year

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Moviegoers may want to take two bites of the same apple next year: A pair of live-action adventure flicks based on the Snow White fairy tale will come out in theaters just months apart

As it stands, the first, still-unnamed Snow White movie is scheduled for release March 16. That gives moviegoers two and a half months before “Snow White and the Huntsman” on June 1.

Executives are confident that both projects can succeed, given their differences in stars, tone and plot.

However bizarre the coincidence is, history shows that two similar projects like these can both attract large audiences.

In May 1998, viewers turned out for “Deep Impact,” a movie about a comet threatening Earth. They showed up again that July when an asteroid did the same in “Armageddon,” “Deep Impact” sold US$349 million in tickets worldwide, and “Armageddon” followed with US$555 million.


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Via The China Post

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