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Eat-A-Film Workshops

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Sinema Old School is bringing back the EAT A FILM programme – a platform for film appreciation!

Sinema’s new initiative Eat-A-Film is suitable for just about anyone and everyone which aims to increase film literary through understanding visuals.

Film is a powerful medium for story-telling. However, beyond this medium is a multi-layered complexity which requires skills and knowledge to unfold. Like wine appreciation, we believe that appreciating a film should be a valued lifetime skill as it will often be applied in a developed country like Singapore.

The sessions are conducted by Nicholas Chee, co-founder of Sinema Old School and Sinema Media. Listed Number 1 Top Ten Actors/Directors/Producers in The MONOCLE Singapore Survey2009, Nicholas teaches both the Craft and Art of Photography and Filmmaking.

Click here to find out more details about the workshops.

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