Muslim Women Using Pop Culture and Social Media Technology to Effect Change

25 July 2011


Muslim Women Using Pop Culture and Social Media Technology to Effect Change

While President Obama bemoans technology and innovation-those nefarious ATMs and airport kiosks stealing jobs all willy-nilly-moderate Muslims, particularly the women, are embracing it as a way to potentially effect change. The real kind, not the faux hope-and-changey kind.

You see, that pesky innovation and technology could be a key factor in one day making a true Arab Spring a reality.

Obama only spouts platitudes about the “unclenching of fists” to appease radical Muslims, while his administration practices its incompetent version of diplomacy that can only be described as, “This foreign stuff is super hard. I can haz cookie now?” Even during his speech outlining our withdrawal from Afghanistan, he uttered more cheesy lines than Barney Frank during Fleet Week.

Worse, he had the audacity to claim that we can totally leave now because we met our commitments, and there are “new opportunities being created for women and girls,” and that we will join “initiatives that reconcile the Afghan people, including the Taliban.” The TALIBAN. Oh yeah, they create wonderful new opportunities for girls, such as permanent vacations from school. And they’ll go so far as to kill the head of a girls school to ensure such vacations.


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