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Award-winning director bares tricks of the trade

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“Keep it low” is how award-winning director Jeffrey Jeturian advises budding independent filmmakers on how to handle production budgets. “If your film is interesting enough, you’ll be able to recoup your investments just by joining festivals abroad.”

Jeturian says programmers and distributors look for themes that best reflect the country, which was what they saw in his film “Kubrador.”
The film, which participated in festivals worldwide soon after its release in 2006, went on to win numerous awards and bag distribution deals both for theatrical and home video releases.

“I noticed that filmmakers in the provinces now have interesting stories to tell,” the director observes. “Through their films, we get to know their beliefs and way of life.”

He cites films like Zamboanga City’s “Halaw” and Cebu’s “Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria” as examples.
Indie to mainstream

Another positive development in the indie film scene, Jeturian says, is how an indie star like Coco Martin was able to cross over to the mainstream.


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Via Entertainment Inquirer

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