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Cannes 2011: Eric Khoo interview

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Yes, I’m still hacking my way through the backlog of Cannes interviews. Trier and Miike down, Beloved director Christophe Honoré is due for Monday (and then some longer interviews I did with the cast and director of one particular movie, which will surface sometime in the not too dim-and-distant). But today is the turn of Eric Khoo, the man behind animated anthology Tatsumi, which played in Un Certain Regard.

First time in Cannes, at the grand old age of 75, to see a movie not just based on his work but also his life, and Yoshihiro Tatsumi nodded off during the gala screening. Personally I blame Jean-Paul Belmondo.

For it was the overrun of the ceremony to gift an honorary Palme d’Or to the Breathless star which ensured it was well past eleven by the time the lights dimmed in the Salle Debussy and the projector finally began to roll on Tatsumi. And given that Eric Khoo, director of said movie, admitted during our interview two days later that Tatsumi’s preference is to be tucked up in bed by eight each night, the odds of him remaining awake throughout were perhaps small indeed.


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