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A big road indeed for Singaporean independent film-maker Alec Tok

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The small community of independent film-makers in Singapore is going to have one less talented director as Alec Tok, an independent film-maker in Singapore has recently quit the film business and turned his attentions to politics. His film “A Big Road” was one of the Silver Screen Award Finalists of 2009.

However, he wants to contribute to the industry  just a little more as he plans to document his journey to Polling Day into a film, and is calling out to the community for help

‎”Hi, My name is Alec Tok and I am about to announce my intention to stand as an Independent Candidate in Radin Mas. If you are a film-maker and want to shoot this exciting journey close up, right through Nomination Day and all the way to Polling Day, please call me at 96617661 or email me at alec@onekindtheatre.com.” a statement by independent film-maker Alec Tok.

Interested to find out more about his decision?

Read an interview with Alec Tok at CNNGo>>

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