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March 2011

The 2nd Asian Buddhist Film Festival will take place in Singapore from May 5-8, 2011 at Golden Village, Great World City. Ten inspiring films from around the world – from Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Sri Lanka, and the United States – will be featured.

In September 2008, Hayao Miyazaki, the author of Spirited Away, attended the Venice festival to present his most recent full-length film, Ponyo. In this city so closely connected with the sea, the Japanese director explained why he chose to end the film with a tsunami, and why the Japanese celebrate nature in spite of its destructive power.

The $2 billion Indian film industry is facing tough times with most movies falling flat at the box office. Experts say it is high time the industry focused on scripts rather than stars and frills. ‘We are the largest filmmaking industry in the world, releasing almost 1,000 films in a year. Yet, we are complaining that we are not doing the kind of business that we are expected to do. Every week is a disappointment,’ said Anjum Rajabali, who has scripted films like ‘Ghulam’, ‘The Legend of Bhagat Singh’ and ‘Raajneeti’.

It may surprise you to know that Japan, home to hentai, tentacle porn and bukakke, has had strict laws censoring its pornographic films for decades. In spite of easy access to uncensored images, thanks to the Internet, usage of the ubiquitous mosaic to blur images of genitals still persists.

At the opening day of the annual CinemaCon annual conference for theater owners in Las Vegas, Warner Bros. international executives noted the 65% expansion of the Chinese film market, predicting that it is poised to beat the North American box office in ten years. China’s box office revenues increased $1.5 billion last year in China, in part due to new cinema construction and with half of the earnings coming from 3D titles, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Malaysian film and TV conglomerate Astro Shaw has picked up rights in several territories to upcoming action film Bunohan (formerly Bunga Lalang). It has also backed supernatural horror Nuptials of the Dead. Bunohan is written and directed by Dain Iskandar Said with Nandita Solomon producing and Los Angeles-based Tim Kwok of Convergence Entertainment as executive producer.