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Islamic Defenders Front defines “Pornography Rules” in Indonesia

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Habib Umar Salim, head of hard-line Islamic Defenders Front advisory council defined the criteria for pornography while organizing a protest against the arrival of porn starlet Maria Ozawa in Jakarta.

The group leader said beside demonstrating, they would study the movie to see if it had any pornographic scenes.

“If there are kissing scenes, [the actors] are wearing barely-there outfits, there are striptease scenes or if [the actors] wear hot pants or above-the-knee skirts then a movie is porn and morally destructive,” he said.

“We haven’t seen the movie and we don’t know what the movie’s like. We only received information that it is a comedy movie,” Habib Umar Salim was quoted as saying by news portal Detik.com.

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via The Jakarta Globe

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