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Sinema calls her…Cleopatra Wong

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She purrs like a kitten, makes love like a siren, fights like a panther. And guess who’s at Sinema for an interview with Today newspaper?

It’s Singaporean actress Doris Young, also known as Marrie Lee, who acted in “They called her Cleopatra Wong”, which have inspired Quentin Tarantino for some of his fighting flicks like Kill Bill.

According to her website, she auditioned in a miniskirt and boots and won the role for “They Called Her Cleopatra Wong”. Her screen name, Marrie Lee, was created to capitalize on the fame of the late Bruce Lee.

“Some fans thought that I was his younger sister,” she told The Business Times in a 2005 interview. Stay tune for more of Doris Young as we bring you her latest interview with Today!

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