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Films in schools are inspiring children with the joy of learning

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Teachers find that classic movies supplied free by the charity Filmclub are sharpening the critical skills of their pupils

It may seem unlikely, but E.T. and Wall-E are being credited as playing an important role in aiding the educational development of today’s schoolchildren.

Curated by an expert team, the Filmclub catalogue allows teachers to use cinematic themes to explore curriculum objectives – such as black people’s history or homophobia in society.

“If children all over the country are watching films, asking questions and telling their stories then the world will eventually be a better place. It will not fix all the ills of modern society, but we have absolute evidence that kids go in, they go to Filmclub and they say it gives them confidence. We’ve had children that have had a difficult time at school, who say, ‘I like school a bit better’,” said founder Beeban Kidron.

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via the Guardian

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