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Bollywood directors shooting more multi-lingual films to capture wider market

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More multi-lingual films are being produced in the Indian film industry to capture a wider global market.

Among them is acclaimed Tamil director Mani Ratnam who shot his latest film release, Raavan, in both the Hindi and Tamil language.

The result – he got two movies at the cost of one.

The film tells the story of a tribal leader, who kidnaps the wife of a policeman away to a jungle where urban laws don’t exist.

Both versions of the film were completed in less than a year.

Tamil actress Priyamani said, “I am very happy that I have got to work in both the languages, especially in Hindi because technically I will debut in Hindi through Raavan.”

The trend of shooting films in multiple languages is catching on in Bollywood.  Another movie Rakta Charitra that depicts the life of a slain political leader has been shot in Hindi, Tamil and Telegu.

Multilingual films are breaking the cultural barrier where most Hindi movies depict the lives of Punjabi families of North India.  With these films, larger audiences are being introduced to actors from across the country and to the cultural sensibilities existing in those parts of the country.

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