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“THE FIRST DRAFT” – Singapore’s first professional screenplay development programme

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Applications are open for THE FIRST DRAFT and will closed on the 11th January 2010. THE FIRST DRAFT is Singapore’s first dedicated one-year professional screenplay development programme for screenwriters. This programme is a partnership between the British Council, the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), Sinema Academy of Motion Pictures (SAMP) and the senior staff of the MA Screenwriting Course at the London College of Communication.

THE FIRST DRAFT will take a selected group of 12 budding screenwriters through a year-long programme of residential workshops, one-to-one mentoring sessions, group discussions and online consultations.

Our aim is to develop a group of 12 feature film ideas from initial proposals to industry-ready first draft screenplays.

Participants will develop their skills and talents to a professional level through a programme which aims to facilitate viable projects that could be developed into actual works, while at the same time scrupulously respecting the screenwriters’ unique voices and cultural background.

Through THE FIRST DRAFT, Singapore can look forward to a community of rigorously trained screenwriters, who will provide the bedrock for writing talent for the Singapore film industry’s future growth and development.

Contact Information;

Sinema Academy of Motion Pictures Limited

11B Mount Sophia, Old School #B1-12 Singapore 228466

(T) +65.6336.9707

(F) +65.6336.6107

(E) academy@sinema.sg (Attention: Miss Joey Leong.)

For more information, visit “THE FIRST DRAFT”

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