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June 2009

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The Game of Their Lives (PG) 2002 | Documentary | North Korea | English and Korean with English subtitles | 80 mins | $10 Director: Daniel Gordon

A pair of Singaporean female models escapes to exotic Malaysia, hoping to relax and find work along the way. However, things get out of hand when one becomes jealous of the other. The two leads start out as friends, and later on become each other’s competition and enemies.

It opens on a black screen and to traffic noise. A man returns home from work, sits down to read the newspaper and observes a crack in the ceiling. The television newscast reports the same as he has just read so he gets up and strangles his wife in the kitchen. Please make up your mind quickly whether this makes any sense to you or not, then watch HERE.

Catch I Love Malaya + Brother No. 2 at Sinema Old School this June! Our Talkback Series will take place on the 24th of June 2009 at 8.00pm. The co-director of I Love Malaya and Brother No. 2, Eunice Lau, co-director, Jason Lai of Brother No. 2 will be present for the talkback session.

Simplicity is beauty. A highlight in the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival, WHITE DAYS captured the attention of many with its simple cinematography and spontaneous relationship between the characters. Singaporean director Lei Yuan Bin shares with us the inspirations that went behind his film.