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Objectifs Presents: Family Values

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Di (Little Brother)  (PG)

2006 | Drama | English & Mandarin with English subtitles | 7 mins

Director: Michael Kam

Set in a tiny HDB (Housing Development Board) apartment in 70’s Singapore, Di (Little Brother) is a comic battle of wills between two young brothers left alone at home when their mom steps out for a short errand.

Mother (PG)

2002 | Experimental Drama | Mandarin w/ English Subtitles | 6 mins

Director: Royston Tan

After 10 years of wondering through his life, a son returns home to reconcile his relationship with his mother. Infused with an ironic mix of nostalgic sentimentality and contempt, Mother explores the love/hate relationship between a mother and son.

Sons (PG)

2000 | Drama | Hokkien with English subtitles | 10 mins

Director: Roystan Tan

Seeking to reach out to his son, a father expresses his wish to fix a relationship that has become cold and distant.

Ah Ma (PG)

2000 | Drama | Hokkien with English subtitles | 10 mins

Director: Anthony Chen

Ah Ma is lying in the hospital, her life hanging by a thread. Her family gathers by her deathbed to send her off. Overwhelmed by sadness, they struggle to find their own way of coming to terms with the impending end.

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