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September 2008

A short film is an effort in concentration and hence, precision. Thus, above all else, it should be one thing: short. And with short I mean reduced to the utmost of clarity, a short film ought to be concise in its content, story or motif, as well as exercise a firm control over the artistic measures applied, and means of communicating visually.

Sinema Old School brings to you the past works of director Han Yew Kwang, best known for his latest film, 18 Grams of Love, last seen at the 21st Singapore International Film Festival.

Mathias Ortmann (MO): Thank you Alan, for this interview! First of all, let me give you my congratulations on this fine achievement, yours also, that is the film 12 Lotus, for which you provided the significant contribution of your diligent camera work as director of photography.

The Arts House has added 10 screenings to their initial six screenings for the film Diminishing Memories I & II after receiving overwhelming response from it’s debut public screening at The Art House.

Singapore’s Upside Down Entertainment has partnered with Los Angeles’ Lexicon Filmed Entertainment to remake Rashomon, an Akira Kurosawa film.

Expect nothing less when you have the blessing of 400 over extras. I heard it from the horse’s mouth Boi Kwong. This is Boi’s maiden feature film, about people close to his life as an ITE lecturer. These 400 extras, with some looing like coffeeshop aunties, turned up in several scenes whenever `brotherly’ help was needed, giving this gangster a lot of muscle.