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June 2008

If you have burning passion for social issues and an interest in film making, here’s your chance to let the world see through your lens. Just set up a team with a maximum of four members and take part in Reel Revolution 2008, an initiative by The Substation Moving Images.

A piece of paper weighs 8g. An envelope weighs 10g. Together, that’s 18g. Why bother writing and mailing a love letter when you can easily send an email or SMS?

Some of you may have heard of the film Gone Shopping released last August, but many of you have not. Partly due to poor publicity and taking a huge risk in a theatrical release, Gone Shopping came and gone quickly. But like the phoenix that rises out from the ashes, …

One of the terms or jargon that always crop up in the world of digital filmmaking is ‘bit-depth’. Despite its widespread use in describing cameras, editing programmes and even in monitors, it still remains a mystery as to what bit-depth defines, or how it applies to the digital video world.

June is a great month for Apple as they introduced new products to the market, including the newest incarnation of OS X, the Snow Leopard.

Kallang Roar by Cheng Ding An This was made as a short prequel to feature length film about how the Kallang Roar was brought back to the National Stadium in 1977. While the epic-proportions of the soccer battle sounds too daunting for a short film, Ding An rightly focused on …