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Change society through film2 min read

30 June 2008 2 min read


Change society through film2 min read

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If you have burning passion for social issues and an interest in film making, here’s your chance to let the world see through your lens. Just set up a team with a maximum of four members and take part in Reel Revolution 2008, an initiative by The Substation Moving Images.

reel.jpgThis six-week programme will pair up the teams with experienced film makers. They will embark on a mentorship programme which will challenge the youths to produce video essays on social issues.

Mentors this year include Jasmine Ng, Kelvin Sng, Jeremy Sing and Eric Lim. Applications for the Reel Revolution Mentorship programme are now open.

It begins on July 3 with two introductory seminars (open to the public) and will end on August 31 with the Reel Revolution Powwow – the showcase of the completed videos. The top three winners will be announced at the Reel Revolution Powwow as well. Contestants are required to attend the Introductory Seminar and Learning Talks before submitting their project applications.

During the Mentorship, the teams will have to produce their videos using their own materials and equipment in time for the submission deadline. Editing equipment will be provided for a limited number of teams that require it. The First Cut Consultations will provide teams with mentorship and suggestions for working towards the final versions of their video essays.

Beside the Mentorship Programme, the teams are encouraged to organise Immersion Workshops to spread their message to the public.

All video essays submitted will be posted on the Youth.SG web portal, produced into a DVD for distribution, and more. Admission to all events are free and open to the public.
Important dates to take note:
4th July Reel Revolution Introductory Seminar
7th July: Mentorship Programme Application Deadline
12th July: Learning Talks 1 (*Speakers updated)
19th July: Learning Talks 2 (*Speakers updated)
15th August:Video Submission
30th August: Reel Revolution Powwow

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