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September 2007

The works of photographer and filmmaker Russel Zehnder will be on display at Objectif’s Centre for Photography and Filmmaking from 30 October, 2007.

A special preview session will be held in London’s Asia House (63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G) on the 13th of October, 2007 at 10:30am.

The Arts House will be screening Passabe, a docu-drama by Singaporean James Leong and Lynn Lee on the 27th of September at 7:30pm, and on the 29th at 4pm. Synopsis: The remote village of Passabe lies on the precarious border between East and West Timor. It is a battle-scarred community with a horrific past.

If that simple formula were unequivocally true… …I figure we’d have more meaningful and enjoyable representations of that to watch or refer to. Come to think of it there isn’t much to call forth (in terms of memorable scenes) when addressing the theme of sex in our contemporary film landscape, is there? Maybe I’m wrong, and this certainly is a question of preferences, as is so much else. But in my view this territory is too often left uncovered, a striking bareness that lies in the act of withholding, *ahem!*

Royston Tan’s 881 has been selected by the Singapore Film Commission (SFC) as Singapore’s official entry for the Oscar’s Best Foreign Language Film category, reports The Straits Times and Variety Asia Online. The movie was picked from a basket of local films produced this year, including Wee Li-Lin’s Gone Shopping and Jack Neo’s Just Follow Law, and was the unanimous choice by the SFC board members.

Objectifs Films has just launched its new digital filmmaking course entitled ‘Introduction to the Filmmaker’s Journey’.