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May 2007

23 year old director’s Anthony Chen’s short film “Ah Ma” (“Grandma”), a 14-minute film, won a short film special distinction at Festival de Cannes’ short film official competition (Les Courts Metrages en Competition). Ah Ma’s producers are Felicia Tan and Joanne Cheong.

A Programme of the National Museum Cinémathèque Sat 11, 18, 25 Aug and 1 Sept 2007 at the Gallery Theatre.

Released Date: 09 August 2007 Genre: Musical/Drama Director: Royston Tan Cast: YannYann Yeo, YuWu Qi, Mindee Ong Released By: Golden Village Pictures Rating: G For more info, please visit Royston Tan’s blog

Released Date: 02 August 2007 Genre: Drama Director: Nicholas Chee Cast: Alvin Neo, Oon Shu Ann, William Chua, Tay Kay Chin, Marilyn Lee and Fish Chaar Released by: Cathay-Keris Films Pte Ltd Rating: NC16 (with some sexual references) Official Movie Website:

Released Date: 26th July 2007 Genre: Drama/Comedy Director: Wee Li Lin Cast: Kym Ng, Adrian Pang, Aaron Kao, Sonya Nair Released by: GVP Rating: TBA Official Movie Website:

Release Date: 6th June 2007 Running Time: 90 mins Genre: Horror / Comedy Directed by: Kelvin Tong Starring: David Aw, Shaun Chen, Ben Yeung, Ling Lee, Xavier Teo Local Distributor: Shaw Organization Official Movie Website: