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20th Singapore International Film Festival

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The 20th Singapore International Film Festival will be running from April 18-30. Tickets have been on sale since 20 March 2007.

Our nation is represented by three films:

Directed by Kan Lume
A man (Lim Yu Beng) and a boy (Loo Zihan) struggle with their mutual sexual desire, all the more because it seems to be a transgression, an anomaly compared to the banal normality of the domestic family unit they try to fit into and live in. The boy’s mother (Goh Guat Kian) festers in her own depression and rage. NTU student Loo Zihan who stars in Solos, also co-wrote and co-directed the film. Kan Lume’s (The Art Of Flirting, SIFF 2006) second effort with Loo Zihan is a daring, adventurous film.

Solos is in the running for the Sliver Screen Awards and will be screened on 25 April, Wednesday at 7pm at the National Museum Gallery Theatre.

Aki Ra’s Boys

Directed by James Leong, Lynn Lee
Boreak and Vannak are Aki Ra’s boys. They are considered the luckiest boys in their families. They live in a home in Siem Reap, along with a dozen other young landmine victims. And despite both missing a right arm, neither child has time for self-pity. They’re too busy exploring the bleak and beautiful world that is Cambodia, too busy playing, learning and dreaming of a day when they can be just be like Aki Ra – a former Khmer Rouge soldier turned anti-mine crusader.

Aki Ra’s Boys will be shown together with The Changi Murals which was feature before in sinema.sg. 24 April, Tuesday at 9.15pm at the National Museum Gallery Theatre.

All tickets available from SISTIC and the following venues.

All images courtesy of The 20th Singapore International Film Festival www.filmfest.org.sg.

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  1. […] After the somewhat ambivalent short that preceded this feature screening, the two local filmmakers Lynn Lee and James Leong presented the audience with their latest documentary, “Aki Ra’s Boys” about a group of teenage land mine victims in Cambodia, who at Aki Ra’s land mine museum are given an opportunity to get an education and better their chances for a more promising personal future (see earlier reporting on Sinema). The heart and center of this film, as well as its principal strength are these real-life heroes who have each been maimed by land mines. Missing an arm or a leg, they are coping with it, being genuinely realistic about their state of life rather than crippled or stuck in their predicament. In growing up they are dealing with their fate on its unalterable terms. […]

  2. Leon
    25 March 2007 at 5:53 pm

    There are more than three locals films at this year’s SIFF. There’s “F” and “Match Made”.

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