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Catch Award-Winning Shorts From the Golden Harvest Awards 2021 and the National Youth Film Awards At a Special In-Person Showcase6 min read

10 January 2022 5 min read


Catch Award-Winning Shorts From the Golden Harvest Awards 2021 and the National Youth Film Awards At a Special In-Person Showcase6 min read

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For one day only, the very best short films from Taiwan and Singapore will be showcased in a special in-person screening, happening on 23 January at *SCAPE TreeTop.

Last year, the Golden Harvest Awards 金穗獎, one of Taiwan’s most prestigious film awards, showcased a curated selection of award winners and nominees from Singapore’s National Youth Film Awards across two screenings. This is part of a long-standing cultural exchange between the two Awards since 2018, and in celebration of the ongoing cultural dialogue between Taiwanese and Singaporean filmmakers.

On 23 January, the selected Singaporean films will be returning back to our shores, joined hand-in-hand by four Taiwanese films featured at the Golden Harvest Awards 2021. Each section of the special showcase will be bookmarked by a live Q&A session, joined physically and virtually by the filmmakers from the two islands.

Seats are limited so don’t miss out on this opportunity! Grab your tickets now at

The event is powered by National Youth Council’s National Youth Fund and organised by Sinema Media, in partnership with Golden Harvest Awards & Short Film Festival and *SCAPE.

Programme Details:

Programme 1: 

Sunday (Dir. Kris Ong)

A young woman with a full body rash is driven to violence during a forbidden encounter with her sister’s boyfriend

– NYFA 2020: Winner of Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Actress
– Singapore International Film Festival 2019: In competition
– Palm Springs International Short Fest 2019: In competition

Neko and Flies《貓與蒼蠅》(Dir. Tsao Shih Han 曹仕翰)

Guards looking after ships usually turn a blind eye to troubles as long as the ship remains safe. Chuang, involved in disputes between foreign fishers, shelters the intellectually-challenged prostitute, Neko, in a dilapidated ship. But the ship owner is selling the ship.

– Golden Horse Awards 2021: Nominee, Best Live Action Short Film
– Kaohsiung Film Festival 2021: In Competition, International Competition, Taiwan Section
– Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival: In Competition, International Competition

Pusaka (Dir. Nurain Kili Tan)

A daughter must escape from a Saka demon that has been passed down to her from her dead mother through a gold bracelet. She must choose between her freedom or else bear the consequences of the family curse forever. 

– Scream Asia 2019 Film Competition: 2nd Runner-up
– NYFA 2020: Nominee, Live Action (Media Student category)

Grand Adventure Railroad 《大冒險鐵路》(Dir. Huang Hsiao-Shan 黃小珊)

When a luxurious family touring train halts in a pitch-black tunnel, the conductor tries to pacify the passengers, not knowing an uninvited creature quietly sneaks on board…

– Taipei Film Award 2020: Winner, Best Animation
– Golden Harvest Film Award 2021: Winner, Best Animation
– Golden Horse Award 2020: Nominee, Best Animated Short
– Santa Fe Independent Film Festival 2020: Winner, Best Animated Short

Programme 2:

What We May Be (Dir. Ashwind Menon)

An ex-convict of substance abuse tries to win his 9-year-old son over and reintegrate himself into society. His value as a father and a man is challenged as he goes through a particularly trying day.

– NYFA 2020: Winner of Best Actor Award (Media Student & Open Youth Category)

The 2014 Consensus《家族無共識》(Dir. Su I-Hsuan 蘇奕瑄)

Hsin-Hua goes back to her parent’s house for the grandmom’s death anniversary. Her family will gather in a few days. But the day is also the first day of the Sunflower Movement, with her friends protesting the trade agreement with China in the Legislative Yuan. Hsin-Hua wants to be there, but she has to stay with her family. She is worried about the protest and the island’s future.  At the same time, the family is not peaceful at all. 

– Taoyuan Film Festival: Nominee, Taiwan Award
– Golden Harvest 2021: Winner, Special Jury Prize
– Golden Harvest 2021: Winner, Audience Award

Hello Ahma (Dir. Tan Siyou)

With their passports stuck in America’s immigration bureaucracy, 8-year-old Michelle and her parents cannot return to Singapore for Grandma’s funeral. The parents try to maintain traditional funeral rites in their new home, as Michelle absolves her grief and guilt by searching for Grandma’s reincarnation in a pet-store turtle. But Grandma struggles to stay alive under Michelle’s eager and amateur ministrations.

– NYFA 2020: Nominee, Live Action (Open Youth category)
– Toronto International Film Festival 2019: Official selection 
– Berlinale 2020: In competition 

There入世》(Dir. Wu Yu Fen 吳郁芬)

Grandfather has passed away. The Indonesian caregiver, Shally helped to organize the funeral with grandma and uncle. Yet, none of the children came home. Shally is forced to help on behalf of one of the family members.​​

– Labour Gold Award 2020: Winner, Best Short Film 
– Golden Harvest Awards 2021: Winner, Best Live Action Short, Student Category 
– Venice Short Films Festival 2020: Winner, Best U.S and International Female Director

Each screening will be accompanied by a live Q&A session, moderated by Miranda Cardenas.

Ticket Information

The programme is free admission with registration. There will be a ticket deposit of S$5 per session, which will be refunded upon entry. Due to safe management measures, screenings are limited to 30. Please note that Programme 1 is rated R21. Ticket registration is via Peatix at: ____

Programme Schedule (23 January 2022):

Registration opens 1:30 PM at The TreeTop, *SCAPE. Programme 1 attendees may be requested to verify their age.

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM — Programme 1 + Live Q&A (Film programme duration 61 min)
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM — Break
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM — Programme 2 + Live Q&A (Film programme duration 97 min)

Q&A sessions will be conducted in English, with films subtitled in English.

Admission rules

– As part of the latest safe management measures, only individuals who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be admitted. 
– Attendees will have to maintain safe distancing at all times during the screening. 
– No food & beverages are allowed within The TreeTop.
– The programme is subject to change at the organiser’s discretion without prior notice, but attendees will be informed of the change as soon as possible.

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