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Local Independent Film ‘Not My Mother’s Baking’ Scores at Italy’s Religion Today Film Festival2 min read

1 October 2021 2 min read


Local Independent Film ‘Not My Mother’s Baking’ Scores at Italy’s Religion Today Film Festival2 min read

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Local film Not My Mother’s Baking continues to make waves overseas with its win at Italy’s 24th Religion Today Film Festival’s Religions Through Women’s Eyes Award, and with its nomination for the special jury New Gazes Award. The festival is dedicated to promoting a culture of peace and dialogue between faiths through cinema.

Directed by Remi M. Sali and produced by Studio59 Concepts, the lighthearted comedy details the budding love between a Malay-Muslim celebrity chef and the son of a Chinese roast pork seller. Bold in its challenge of religious, cultural and racial sensitivities in Singapore, Not My Mother’s Baking also holds the accolade for being the first Singaporean film to feature a Malay lead speaking English for most of the film.

“We are honoured that Religion Today Film Festival recognises the interracial and interfaith messages in our movie, among all the jokes and laughter,” enthused producer Ho Pak Kin. “Not My Mother’s Baking is very much a Singapore story at heart, dealing with universal themes of finding one’s own voice, love and acceptance. We wanted the movie to be bold and daring and yet respectful and empowering.”

“The movie deals with interracial and interfaith issues in Singapore in a light-hearted manner, which makes it palatable and relatable for a general audience,” added director, Remi M Sali. “We can have a laugh at ourselves which is a great starting point for dialogue and understanding.”

Since making its world premiere at the Singapore International Film Festival 2020 and international premiere at the Five Flavours Asian Film Festival, Not My Mother’s Baking has gone on to make a splash on the international stage throughout 2021. The film was the first Singaporean feature film to have a Movie Premiere at Sea on Dream Cruises World Dream. It is one of the Singapore films to be showcased at the Singapore Pavilion, World Expo in Dubai on 12 Oct 2021.

Locally, Not My Mother’s Baking is also picked up by Harmony Centre, Singapore’s interfaith and intercultural hub, for a series of screenings, which will be followed by a panel discussion on interracial and interfaith relationships in Singapore.

The film’s next stop is the 3rd Muslim Film Festival in Australia, where it has been selected as a finalist for the Best Feature Drama award. Get all the latest updates about Not My Mother’s Baking via Facebook!

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