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6 Asian Film and Television-Inspired Outfits For You and Your Boo To Try This Halloween10 min read

24 September 2021 7 min read


6 Asian Film and Television-Inspired Outfits For You and Your Boo To Try This Halloween10 min read

Reading Time: 7 minutes

While Michael Buble prepares to defrost for the festive season, there is still one important thing we must celebrate first. The spooky season is upon us and Halloween is just one more month away! The clock is ticking to plan your outfits for this year but don’t panic — we’re here to help.

We found six iconic Asian couples from film and television for you and your significant other to dress up as this Halloween! Because what’s better than celebrating Halloween with a cool costume? Doing it with someone else!

In this list, we recommend easy ways to achieve these looks but one of the biggest tips we have, regardless of who you choose to dress up as, is to thrift your outfits! Since Halloween costumes are often worn once and never again, it can be wasteful to buy brand new clothes just for one occasion. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to assemble your outfit without breaking the bank or accumulating clothes, be it through buying second-hand clothes online or going thrift shopping. You can also try renting your outfits from party shops or costume shops near you.

1. Phua Chu Kang and Rosie (Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd)

The OG of Singaporeans couples. The powerhouse duo we all grew up watching. Watching these two probably shaped a whole generation of children and young adults’ perceptions of what family dynamics look like. Phua Chu Kang and Rosie are goofy, emotional, but most importantly — steady pom pi pi, just like every couple should be. Although it has been a while since the PCK series has graced our television screens, the characters will never be forgotten. If you’re feeling nostalgic this Halloween, why not bring these characters to life?

Phua Chu Kang’s look is iconic and not hard to recreate at all. His yellow rubber boots are a must-have, as well as his mole which can be drawn on with face paint or a non-toxic marker. An afro wig would definitely add to the look, and make sure you compliment all these accessories with a white button-up shirt, long black pants, and some old-fashioned gold jewellery.

As for Rosie, most people would notice her big updo first which can be achieved either by tying your hair up in a ponytail and back-combing it for volume or simply finding a similar-looking wig. Rosie is covered in bright colours from head to toe. She wears blue and pink eyeshadows as well as red lipstick and blush. For her top, try going for a bright and colourful print in a loose cut with a wide neck. Pair that with her favourite hot pink leggings, a pair of sandals, and some jewellery like big earrings and necklaces and you’re good to go!

2. Nick and Rachel (Crazy Rich Asians)

Not all of us can be crazy rich Asians but for one night we can certainly pretend we are. Nick and Rachel from Crazy Rich Asians are living a life that many of us dream of, so why not manifest that energy this Halloween?

To look like the dashing and suave Nick Young, played by Malaysian-British actor Henry Golding, you will need a suit that’s just as head-turning. Go for jackets in grey or shades of blue, and make sure to unbutton the top button of your blouse for that seductive touch. If you’re not as broad as Golding, you can use shoulder pads to make your frame look wider. A classy-looking watch will also be a nice detail to add. If you want to go all out, you can slick your hair back with pomade or you can even use hair styling products to replicate Golding’s widow’s peak hairline.

For Nick’s sweetheart, Rachel Chu, get your hair curling wand out and make those waves work! Rachel has loose but voluminous waves as well as an off-centre hair parting. Some of her more memorable outfits in the film are knee-length, sleeveless dresses in pastel hues such as light blue or pink. Actress Constance Wu, who plays Rachel, has very round cheeks which you can recreate with a rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks. Finish the look with bold eye makeup in mauve tones and a nude lip.

3. Lin Truly and Hsu Tai Yu (Our Times)

This Taiwanese rom-com about youth and high school lovebirds captured our hearts back in 2015. Outside of the cinemas, it seemed like everyone was crying along to the film’s theme song “小幸運” (A Little Happiness) which was performed by former SHE member Hebe Tian. This emotional story about an unexpected romance between Lin Truly and Hsu Tai Yu was relatable to many and some viewers were even reminded of their own experiences in school. If Our Times has a special place in your heart too, why not dress up as Lin Truly and Hsu Tai Yu this Halloween?

Lin Truly looks like your typical girl-next-door with her big, round glasses and short, messy hair. On top of that, you will need a school uniform to capture that nostalgic high school vibe of the movie. Her uniform is made up of a white shirt with a peter pan collar, a pleated navy blue skirt, and a red ribbon tied underneath her collar.

As for teenage gangster boss Hsu Tai Yu, a key aspect of his look is his dog tag necklace. His uniform is modified to reflect his rebellious nature and aside from the standard dark grey school pants, he wears his white school top unbuttoned to show a dark grey shirt underneath. Another important detail of his look is his hair which is all slicked back except for one loose strand that falls in front of his face.

4. Howl and Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle)

You may have seen a trend on TikTok where artists have taken a scene from Howl’s Moving Castle and re-drawn it with them and their significant other. This film is one of Ghibli’s classics and has seen a resurgence of popularity lately due to couple trends like these. You can hop on the hype train too and take the fan art one step further by bringing it to life!

The fun part about dressing up as anime characters is that anime is also closely linked to cosplay culture and therefore — commercially made cosplays of anime characters are cheap and easy to buy online. If you and your partner want to dress up as Howl and Sophie, you can either buy a premade outfit or make one yourself.

Sophie usually wears a green dress in a vintage English style with puffed sleeves and a long skirt. Her brown hair is tied into a braid with a pink ribbon and she also wears a straw hat. After Sophie is cursed by the Witch of the Waste, her hair turns white and her dress turns from green to blue. She also does not wear her straw hat anymore and proudly flaunts her new hair colour.

Howl’s pink jacket is a signature part of his look and he often wears it perched on his shoulders. Underneath his jacket he has a loose-fitting white shirt and black pants. Howl has both blonde and navy hair in the film, but both are shoulder-length with fluffy bangs. If you are daring enough, you can even try adding blue coloured contact lenses for the full Howl look.

5. Yoo Si-Jin and Kang Mo-Yeon (Descendants of the Sun)

Korean television series Descendants of the Sun captivated audiences with the romance between Special Forces Captain Yoo Si-Jin and Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon. The series was so popular that its fame spread far beyond Korea and garnered fans all over Asia and the world. In fact, actor Song Joong-Ki who plays Captain Yoo and actress Song Hye-Kyo who plays Doctor Kang tied the knot in 2017.

The easiest way to get Captain Yoo’s look is to, well, wear a uniform. But we must caution Singaporean guys: you can’t just wear your No. 4 for fun when you are off duty. Instead, you can find fake uniforms at party shops and costume shops. We recommend getting a desert camo uniform that more closely resembles the colour scheme of Captain Yoo’s uniform.

For Doctor Kang’s look, you can choose between her hospital uniform or her outdoor outfit. Both looks are easy to achieve as long as you use a few key elements. For her hospital uniform, the key is her white doctor’s coat, and for her outdoor outfit, it is her green vest and working boots. At the hospital, her hair is usually down and in soft waves, whereas she keeps her hair tied up when outdoors.

6. Raj and Simran (DDLJ)

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, also known as DDLJ, is one of the most well-known Indian films that has solidified itself as a timeless classic. In fact, it is so well-loved in India that one cinema in Mumbai screened it every day for 25 years until the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film features two of India’s biggest stars: acclaimed actress Kajol and the “King of Bollywood” Shah Rukh Khan. Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan play Simran and Raj respectively who fall in love during a vacation in Europe, but tragically Simran is already arranged to marry someone else. It’s your classic forbidden love story that ends with them living happily ever after.

And who doesn’t dream of happily ever after? If you want to channel your inner Simran and Raj, here’s how. Simran is dressed in lots of oranges and whites. You can try getting a saree, or a long and loose-fitting orange dress over a white blouse would work just as well. You can also blow out your hair to get Simran’s long and voluminous hair, and accessorise with gold jewellery such as earrings and bangles.

Now you may not look like Shah Rukh Khan but you can certainly try to get close. The first thing you will need is a leather jacket — and a big one. To complete the look, you will need a black fedora and a mandolin, or a guitar would look just as fitting. If you’re taking photos for the Gram, try posing in a big field to recreate the iconic scene where Simran and Raj hold each other in their arms, or at a train station where Simran runs after Raj.

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