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Taiwanese Action Drama ‘Danger Zone’, Starring Christopher Lee, Premieres on 3 September on iQiyi2 min read

1 September 2021 2 min read


Taiwanese Action Drama ‘Danger Zone’, Starring Christopher Lee, Premieres on 3 September on iQiyi2 min read

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Danger Zone, iQiyi’s first prison-themed Chinese-language original and a million-dollar production, is set to make its premiere on the streaming service at 8pm SGT on 3 September across 191countries and regions around the world.

Exploring taboo subjects and packed with plenty of action sequences, the 24-episode series sees a group of police officers engage the help of an imprisoned psychological profiling expert to solve the mystery behind a string of brutal murders. Christopher Lee, who stars as a gruff, no-nonsense police captain, is joined by Taiwanese stars Vic Chou, Sandrine Pinna, Wu Hsing Kuo, Berant Zhu, and Tseng Jing Hua to round out the main cast.

During a virtual press conference commemorating the launch of the series, the main cast shared their behind-the-scenes experiences and answered trivia about the show. Chou was unanimously agreed to have the biggest contrast regarding his on and off-screen personas while he appeared quiet and cool most of the time, off-camera he was warm and often poked fun at others. Chou stars as an enigmatic criminal striking up a dangerous bargain with the police. He shares, “Even if I am a part of this series, I still find it fascinating to watch the trailer. I can’t wait to binge watch alongside everyone.”

A bond between co-stars Lee and Zhu was also apparent from the press conference. “Even though Christopher Lee shouts at me all the time in the series,” said Zhu, “I still like him a lot. We are the best partners.” Lee also showed some brotherly love, “Zhu is the tag-along I can’t get rid of”.

The cast also shared on how they pushed their limits for Danger Zone: Lee and Zhu had intense car chase scenes and jumped off bridges; Pinna cut her hair short for the show and performed with Wu, a renowned Peking opera master; and in contrast to his previous goody two-shoes characters, Tseng now plays a spoilt, rich, arrogant kid. Exploration of themes around criminal sexual abuse, discovery of infant corpses, and headless female corpses, were also ground-breaking aspects of this Chinese-language series.

Get a taste of the action-packed series with its 12-minute trailer:

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