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Filming Begins for MM2’s ‘The Narrow Road’ Starring Louis Cheung and rising star Angela Yuen2 min read

13 August 2021 2 min read


Filming Begins for MM2’s ‘The Narrow Road’ Starring Louis Cheung and rising star Angela Yuen2 min read

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Young director Lam Sum, one of the three winning directors of the mm2 Movie Makers Awards 2017, is working on his debut feature film The Narrow Road. The film stars Louis Cheung as the owner of a small cleaning company, alongside young rising actress Angela Yuen who will undergo a major image transformation for this film.

The Narrow Road aims to capture Hong Kong in the 2020s through the challenges faced by ‘Bro Narrow’, the owner of a small cleaning company and Candy, a delinquent who is unable to stay in a job for long. Both will bounce back from adversity after trials and tribulations.

During the film’s lensing ceremony today, the two lead actors prayed for a smooth start of filming.

“Today is the first day of filming, and I am very much looking forward to it because we have worked on the script as a team for several months. Everyone is putting in a lot of effort in which things are turning out better than I thought. I hope to maintain this smooth-sailing and creative atmosphere to complete the whole production,” said Louis Cheung.

“I was a little nervous during the filming today. Last night, I had many dreams, such as not being able to recite my lines correctly on set. My role as Candy is definitely a challenging one. She is a local ‘MK’ delinquent living with struggles. Although my judgement in life is different from my character in the movie, Candy has influenced me as well,” said Angela Yuen. 

Director Lam Sum added: “I hope that the current state of Hong Kong can be documented in the film. During these challenging times, regardless of differing social backgrounds and difficulties, audiences can gain strength and see the light at the end of the tunnel through the characters in the film.”

After the box office success of One Second Champion and Drifting, mm2 continues to work with young directors in Hong Kong to produce local films, focusing on high-quality productions and diversified themes.

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