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Audio Drama Adaptation of Action-Packed Graphic Novel ‘Sacred Guardians’ Now Available to Stream3 min read

18 June 2021 2 min read


Audio Drama Adaptation of Action-Packed Graphic Novel ‘Sacred Guardians’ Now Available to Stream3 min read

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Written and directed by local writer Aydeel Djoeharie with Singapore-based company tokuAsia Pte Ltd, Sacred Guardians Audio Drama is an audio adaptation of the 2020 Sacred Guardians graphic novel. Filled with action-packed scenes drawn by local artist Alan Bay, accompanied with a compelling script by Aydeel Djoeharie, Sacred Guardians is the prequel story to Sacred Guardian Singa: A Singapore Superhero Project, a live-action Tokusatsu series developed by the tokuAsia team.

The audio drama is free to stream and download on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Audiomack. They will also be available on Libby (Overdrive), and Storytel soon. All links will be updated on the Asiapac Books website

The launch event for the Sacred Guardians Audio Drama will be held online on 20 June 2021 at 1pm over at the Asiapac Facebook page and will feature a live Q&A session with the creators.

Where supernatural fantasy and heroic energies meet Asian cultures and mythologies, Sacred Guardians tells the story of Dev, a mythical and immortal being from the island of Tumasik, who races against time in a quest to gather five Sacred Guardians to fight against the threat of a powerful demon in ancient Southeast Asia.

The Sacred Guardians Audio Drama is narrated by veteran radio presenter Hamish Brown and features a diverse cast from the arts, music, and performing arts scenes: Aric Hidir Amin, Dennis Sofian, Hazim Saini, Lauren Sim, Fritz Almanzo, Desiree Orien Tay, Yazid Jalil, Lee Wok Trinh, Aman Alhamid, Chaya Gonzales, Nicholas Bloodworth.

The main protagonist of Sacred Guardians, Dev, is voiced by Aric Hidir Amin, a multi-lingual performer who works with television and film in English, Malay, and Chinese channels. Chaya Gonzales, a 2020 Bachelors in Acting graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore, was selected for her role to voice one the Sacred Guardians Elang, just moments before the production began. Comedy magician Aman Alhamid, voices another Sacred Guardian, Kerbao. Superhero-themed and action animation lovers Dennis Sofian and Hazim Saini are also part of the production and fulfilling their dreams of being in a superhero universe.

The cast of Sacred Guardians Audio Drama (Image courtesy: Asiapac Books)

The Sacred Guardians Audio Drama is the first non-literary publication for Asiapac Books: “It is a platform for us to explore and experiment new mediums for storytelling, while supporting local talents and creatives. Audio and visual mediums could potentially pave a new and convenient way of enjoying comic books and graphic novels at any place and time, while sharing the content with an international audience. In the midst of global crisis, the Sacred Guardians project serves as a source of inspiration and a chronicle of hope and conquest, that would perhaps encourage future generations of creatives to pursue their passion in time to come.”

Sacred Guardians writer Aydeel Djoeharie also hopes that fans of the series will be inspired to become everyday heroes to others, to create, persevere, and serve our community even through difficult times.

For the very best experience with the audio drama, grab your copy of the Sacred Guardians graphic novel here, and follow the Sacred Guardian Singa team on Facebook for all the latest updates.

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