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The Leadership Skills Every Director Should Have1 min read

16 April 2021 < 1 min read


The Leadership Skills Every Director Should Have1 min read

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Recently on the NFS podcast, the website shared the one book that Katherine Tolentino have found most valuable in her filmmaking career… and it may come as a surprise. It’s not Robert McKee’s Story or Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat or even Christine Vachon’s Shooting to Kill.

It’s Harvard Business Review’s Top 10 “Must Reads” On Leadership.

In the film industry, we joke about the corporate world and its buzzwords, its allegiance to the bottom line over artistic merit, etc. But she’s here to tell you that Hollywood can learn a lot from the corporate world.

Our stereotype of successful directors and producers in Hollywood is the tormented auteur, barking orders, forcing crew to work long hours with little pay and difficult working conditions.

There’s this mantra in our industry that below-the-line workers must tolerate the abuses of set life until they have “made it” or achieved above-the-line status and can then turn around to abuse others.

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