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Golden Village Screens Singapore’s First-of-Its-Kind Interactive Movie ‘Late Shift’3 min read

15 April 2021 3 min read


Golden Village Screens Singapore’s First-of-Its-Kind Interactive Movie ‘Late Shift’3 min read

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As part of Golden Village’s commitment to bringing new experiences to patrons and living to its brand promise of delivering “more than a movie”, the cinema exhibitor will be screening Late Shift, a first-of-its-kind interactive crime thriller on the big screen. From 22 April 2021, GV will be screening Late Shift at GV Funan, GV Plaza and GV Suntec City, where audiences will have the opportunity to play director and leading actor all at once.

Grab your tickets for the experience here.

A seamless blend between cinematic storytelling and immersive gaming, Late Shift is an interactive movie where audiences can choose and decide via CltrMovie, a mobile application, how they want the story to pan out. Through countless adaptable storylines, the movie will arrive at one of seven conclusions, with over 180 different decision-making points that can be reached along the way.

Late Shift follows Matthew Thompson, a part-time parking attendant as he finds himself embroiled within London’s criminal underworld. From simple options to pivotal choices, the protagonist’s fate is in the audience’s hands, where every decision matters. Cinemagoers have a few seconds to vote for their preferred option, with the consequences ranging from subtle shifts or a pivotal change in the storyline. The decisions the majority of the audience make will dictate how the film develops, enabling each movie viewing to be a completely different experience.

Priced at $13 and $15 for weekday and weekend tickets respectively, Late Shift will see a paradigm shift in the local cinematic experience and will certainly keep audiences coming back for more. As an exclusive perk for Late Shift viewers, Golden Village will also be offering discounted movie tickets at $8 and $10 for weekday and weekend return tickets respectively to return patrons who present their Late Shift stubs or e-tickets, so that they can try for different outcomes.

Golden Village is also screening an exclusive Gold Class preview session of Late Shift on 20 April 2021 at GV Suntec which will feature a uniquely curated menu by Executive Chef Kenny Yeo from One Faber Group’s Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro and Dusk Restaurant & Bar, and feature Chivas as the official drinks partner.

The three-course menu features a signature Chilli Crab Potato Skin appetiser, followed by a velvety Coq Au Vin, and ends with a sweet finish of dark chocolate ice cream topped with crunchy vanilla cream meringue, crispy wafer, and balanced to perfection by fresh tart berries, thoughtfully pieced together by Chef Kenny Yeo.

Complementing the feast are drinks from the official drinks sponsor, Chivas. Chivas Elderflower and Rose ‘HiBalls’ provide lightly floral notes combined with the smoothness of Chivas providing a crisp refreshing taste and elevating the full Gold Class experience.

Priced at $95 for GV members and $98 for the public, patrons will have the opportunity to indulge in a feast for their senses. Diners will be served the first two courses within the comforts of Golden Village’s Gold Class Lounge, while dessert can be savoured in the plush leather-clad recliners of the Gold Class movie hall, delivering a luxurious and exclusive movie experience that will surely be remembered for years to come.

As a final touch on top of this Gold Class experience, return patrons can present their Late Shift movie stub or e-ticket to receive a 10% discount off their bill at Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro and Dusk Restaurant & Bar, as well as a discounted Late Shift return movie ticket.

Catch Late Shift at GV Funan, GV Plaza and GV Suntec City. For more information on the Gold Class sessions, please visit

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