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How to Develop Characters with Action1 min read

10 March 2021 < 1 min read


How to Develop Characters with Action1 min read

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I love movies and TV shows that give us strong characters who have warrior backstories. Shows like Game of Thrones and movies like The Hobbit often have these kinds of characters in spades. It seems like the fantasy genre in general has them. 

But with so many characters like this, and so much to say about who they are and where they come from, the exposition can be quite burdensome. Even more so when you are developing these characters and working toward their arcs, you want a creative way to show who they are and what they become. 

Enter combat, which is a great way to show how a warrior archetype, or any other character for that matter, is arcing into someone interesting. Action is a great way to disguise exposition and show someone evolving. 

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