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Taiwan Content Creators Set Sights on Global Partnerships

3 March 2021


Taiwan Content Creators Set Sights on Global Partnerships

Films and television projects from Taiwan that garnered more attention on the global stage in recent years have given creators a confidence boost. But greater effort is necessary to sustain an international market for the island’s creative output in the long-run, according to local industry players.

The island’s lower production costs and constant supply of creative talent, who are able to tell stories freely across all spectrum of genres, could attract international players to invest and collaborate with local partners. That in turn can create content that will appeal to a wider audience and help the projects travel, Taiwan biz insiders say.

The fact that Chung Mong-hong’s acclaimed feature A Sun landed on the Academy Awards shortlist has not only raised overseas audiences’ curiosity over the content from the self-governed island, say industry insiders, but they also hope that the international fame will come with financing and collaboration opportunities with foreign partners.

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Image credit: Netflix