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Golden Village and Singapore Film Society Teams With Park Circus to Bring International Classics to the Big Screen2 min read

2 March 2021 2 min read


Golden Village and Singapore Film Society Teams With Park Circus to Bring International Classics to the Big Screen2 min read

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From March 2021, the Singapore Film Society, Golden Village and Park Circus will be jointly showcasing curated international classic movies theatrically in Golden Village cinemas across Singapore. Park Circus is a global distribution and sales agent representing over 25,000 titles on behalf of all the major Hollywood and British studios.

The first film to be presented will be the Coen Brothers’ 1996 classic Fargo. Titles to follow in the ensuing months include The Silence of The Lambs, Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, selected James Bond films, and, marking its 60th anniversary, legendary 1961 movie-musical West Side Story in anticipation of the new version coming soon!

Full details of each film’s season will be available on the Golden Village and Singapore Film Society websites. Fargo opens on 11 March 2021 with a two-week run till 24 March 2021.

Kenneth Tan, Chairman of the Singapore Film Society, enthused: “Singapore has one of the world’s highest per capita cinema attendance rates, and with each new generation of audiences, what becomes ‘classic’ cinema is a constantly-changing definition. The films we are jointly bringing back to the big screen have not been watched that way by many young Singaporeans; those of us who remember them from first-hand cinema patronage also yearn to see them again. We believe this collaboration is going to create quite a stir in the local film-loving community!”

Clara Cheo, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Village, shared: “As Singapore’s largest exhibitor, Golden Village has always believed in providing the widest variety of movies to cater to all audience tastes. In this day and age of new technology, even as we offer the latest cutting-edge presentation and customer experiences, we’re thrilled to now enhance our repertoire of current releases with this exclusive line-up of classics that are bound to attract those who have never seen them before or who want to watch them again.”

Mark Hirzberger-Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Park Circus, is equally excited: “We are honoured and exhilarated to be able to contribute to the diversity and attractiveness of cinema programming in Singapore. Our vision has always been to make it easier for exhibitors to access – and audiences to see – classic cinema, in proud collaboration with our studio
partners. We live and breathe the importance of bringing generations of movie greats back to the big screen, and this new collaboration will see three like-minded partners coming together to bring that mantra to even greater heights.”

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