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Easily Color Match Different Camera Sources with CineMatch

23 November 2020


Easily Color Match Different Camera Sources with CineMatch

With CineMatch from FilmConvert, you can match footage from different cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras in a few simple steps. 

When it comes to color correction, one of the most tedious things is matching different camera sources in the grade. It’s a challenge that’s a part of not only low-budget projects but every type of production, as well. Cinematographers will mix ARRI with RED, Sony with Panasonic, film with digital.

The Last Jedi, from DP Steve Yedlin, famously shot half of its visuals on film and the other half digitally and was able to match the two formats seamlessly.

However, not every filmmaker is going to have access to the most talented colorists or film processing available.

That’s where programs like CineMatch come in, a camera-matching plugin that’s available for Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, with a version for Final Cut Pro X coming soon.

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Image credit: NoFilmSchool