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Mini-Review of the NITECORE Superior Prime Full Frame Cinema Lenses2 min read

20 November 2020 2 min read


Mini-Review of the NITECORE Superior Prime Full Frame Cinema Lenses2 min read

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Last December, we had the opportunity to do a quick test with the Panasonic EVA1 and we really enjoyed the ‘Old School’ look and feel of the image.

Due to the pandemic, we didn’t have much live projects that we can use these lenses on. So when we got back to work in earlier in June 2020 – Director Don Aravind and Cinematographer Shyan Tan took it out and shot a web series with it and the images looked great, having an almost filmic quality about it.

The Mysterious and Magical Tan Ah Huat:

Let’s break it down

Physical Build:

Available in PL mount (Standard), E and EF mounts (User interchangeable) and coming in at about 1.2 – 1.3kg each, the lenses are built on the heavy side but well very crafted. The focusing rings are all very even and consistent in feel. Even the lens cap, coming in at 130g each is well built so your know you’re lenses are well protected for sure.

Lens Character:

Creamy and Vintage; the contrast and the falloff is very sweet due to the single coating and it leans toward a very slightly warm tone – almost having an ‘Old School’ feel about it. The flaring characteristic of these lenses reminds me of old lenses with old coating formula and feels very organic. Sharp but not Crispy (Digital), the 12-blade iris’ bokeh is beautiful and Chromatic Aberration is almost non-existent so there’s nothing to worry about in this area.


Definitely a set of lenses made to tell strong narrative stories, I really like these lenses and for a set of T2.0 full-frame cinema lenses, its price point at S$2.8K (35mm, 50mm, 75mm) to S$3.5K (25mm, 100mm) per lens puts it at a great value from a price/performance perspective.

Paired with the right camera/s, I’m sure you will like what you see from these lenses!

For more information, visit the lenses’ official website and reach out to official distributor 7daydeal.

7daydeal is currently running a promotion and if you make an order now, these are the prices:

NITECORE 5 lens combo (Free custom rolling hard case)
SRP $15,499 Promo $12,500

NITECORE 25mm T2.1
SRP $3,499. Promo $2,850

NITECORE 35mm T2.0
SRP $2,799. Promo $2,300

NITECORE 50mm T2.0
SRP $2,799. Promo $2,300

NITECORE 75mm T2.0
SRP $2,799. Promo $2,300

NITECORE 100mm T2.1
SRP $3,499. Promo $2,850

Free Sony E or Canon EF mount with every purchase. Pre-orders only.

Head over to Hello Mr Camera’s Facebook page for details on a NITECORE photo giveaway!

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