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Perspectives Film Festival 2020 Goes Virtual Over 10 Days2 min read

29 September 2020 2 min read


Perspectives Film Festival 2020 Goes Virtual Over 10 Days2 min read

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Singapore’s first and longest student-run film festival, Perspectives Film Festival: Breakthroughs in Cinema is back with its 13th edition (PFF’20).

Together with its platform partner, The Projector, the festival will be held online, marking its first digital edition. Gear up for a wide selection of fresh films and hidden gems with PFF’20 from 23 October to 1 November 2020!

This year’s lineup features films that have been released from 2019 onwards by emerging filmmakers, each with their unique takes that align with this year’s theme: Truth. Stemming from the idea of multiple perspectives, this year’s theme delves into the various interpretations of truth by filmmakers from around the world. The films touch on timely topics surrounding issues in politics, societal structures, personal and national histories, and the media.

“Against the backdrop of the present climate, we want to inspire conversations about the nature of truth,” says Pranamika Subhalaxmi, Programming Head of PFF’20. “With films like FEELS GOOD MAN and FAREWELL AMOR, we explore how people construct their own truths, the
ability of cinema to illuminate invisible parts of society and how truth can be manipulated.” she adds.

FEELS GOOD MAN is a documentary about how artist Matt Furie’s anthropomorphic Pepe the Frog was distorted into a viral symbol for the controversial American alt-right movement. Available from 23 October, just before the US Presidential Election, FEELS GOOD MAN shines a cautionary light on the internet’s insidious relationship with politics.

Also available from 23 October, witness the fractious reunion of a family torn apart by war and time with the film FAREWELL AMOR. Exploring how an immigrant family reknits itself in an alien land through multiple perspectives, the film sheds light on the evolution of love and how it spans continents. Ekwa Msangi’s debut feature is an emotional tour-de-force and a must-watch.

“A virtual edition of the festival is a new experience for everyone on the team,” says Nanthinee Shree, Co-Festival Director of PFF’20. “Regardless, we hope to bring the most authentic and unique film festival experience for audiences through the events and films that we have lined up.”

This year’s programme provides audiences with diverse views of truth from the comfort of their homes, bringing perspectives from North America, North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. The films are breakthroughs in their own right and specially curated to impact, provoke and inspire conversations among fellow film lovers. For the full programme, please visit:

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