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TCM to Highlight Female Filmmakers Past and Present

7 September 2020


TCM to Highlight Female Filmmakers Past and Present

Women make films. That’s a fact, a statement, and now, a new TV series. 

After creating the addictive and important documentary The Story of Film, Mark Cousins is back with Women Make Filma 12-week series of hourlong examinations of female filmmakers from the earliest silents to our present decade. Every episode will run on Tuesdays on TCM, accompanied by a festival of films directed by women from many countries and six continents. 

It will also be available on the Criterion Channel and HBO Max. 

As narrator Tilda Swinton says, “Most films have been directed by men. Most of the recognized so-called movie classics were directed by men. But for 13 decades and on all six filmmaking continents, thousands of women have been directing films, too—some of the best films.”

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Image credit: NoFilmSchool