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Learn How to Supercharge Subtext Into Your Screenplay

1 September 2020


Learn How to Supercharge Subtext Into Your Screenplay

When we talk about subtext, we’re talking about something else entirely. Just kidding, we are actually talking about subtext… but the subtext is referring to something else. Did I confuse you? 


Now you’ll have to read the rest of the post and then maybe you’ll get it. 

I know we have talked about this topic before, but I was watching Cat on a Hot Tin Roof yesterday night and paid attention—like really paid attention this time—and did you know Paul Newman is upset the whole time because his boyfriend killed himself!? And that he can’t have sex with his wife because he’s gay and she knows it, and he knows it, and both of them have no idea how to move on with this fact!

They never come out and say it, but this subtextual relationship is there and it’s so beautiful… and damning due to the homophobia and hate rooted in the deep South at the time (and now). 

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Image credit: NoFilmSchool