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Netflix Acquires Indian Sci-Fi Movie, Sets September Release Date

26 August 2020


Netflix Acquires Indian Sci-Fi Movie, Sets September Release Date

Netflix has set a September 9 release date for Cargo, the Hindi-language indie sci-fi movie written and directed by Arati Kadav, who’s making her feature film debut. Starring Vikrant Massey (Chhapaak), Shweta Tripathi (Masaan), and Nandu Madhav (Harishchandrachi Factory), Cargo is produced by Kadav, Shlok Sharma, Navin Shetty, and Anurag Kashyap. The movie is a production of Fundamental Pictures and Electric Films. Vikramaditya Motwane is the executive producer. Inspired by Indian mythology, Cargo is about a demon called Prahastha (Massey) who processes the dead for their rebirth.

Kadav came up with the idea for Cargo in 2017 after a sci-fi project at Kashyap and Motwane’s erstwhile Phantom Films fell through. Cargo taps into the Indian myth of rakshasa, a demon who guides the dead through the underworld, heals them, wipes their memories, and then sends them back to Earth into a new life, essentially recycling them in the process. Prahastha, who works for the appropriately titled Post-Death Transition services, has been doing this for 75 years when Cargo opens, turning his life into a monotonous and aimless routine. Things change when he gets a new assistant in Yuvishka (Tripathi).

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Image credit: Fundamental Pictures/Electric Films