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‘The Far Pavilions’ Awaits India’s Production Incentives

23 June 2020


‘The Far Pavilions’ Awaits India’s Production Incentives

Production incentives for foreign films that shoot in India have been teased by government since Cannes last year. And again at the Film Bazaar last November. Now their introduction is being held up by the coronavirus and the widespread disruption to the film industry it has caused.

“We will announce as soon as shooting restarts,” said TCA Kalyani, Joint Secretary (Films) at India’s Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, speaking Monday on a Cannes Market panel organized by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry. She avoided revealing the all-important percentage of qualifying spending could be rebated, but nevertheless gave a couple of clues. She revealed that the incentives would cover co-productions as well as inbound foreign productions, and she said miniseries and series would be covered as well as feature films.

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Image credit: Alastair Muir